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Matthew Barney, Drawing Restraint 15, 2007
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Carolee Schneemann
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Carolee Schneemann - Interior Scroll, 1975
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Carolee Schneemann, “Terminal Velocity” (2001), black and white computer scans of falling bodies from 9/11.Scanned sequences of images consecrate nine people—among the hundreds—falling to their inescapable deaths. The computer process allows intimate contact with each horrific isolation in the desolate shifting space. In this communal nightmare, fleeting visual attributes of nine lives become vivid by enlargement unexpectedly captured, made public. These enlargements personalize nine people, who in their normal workday were thrown by impact into a gravitational plunge, or chose to escape incineration by leaping into space.
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Paul Jenkins (American, 1923-2012), Phenomena Graced by Three, 1968. Acrylic on canvas, 64 x 48 in. The University of Texas at Austin, Michener Collection.
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"Flex With Jessica" Jessica Miller photographed by Inez & Vinoodh for V 2002
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Vogue Paris, 2006 by Patrick Demarchelier
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Alfredo Jaar - The Eyes of Guetete Emerita, 1996
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Always there for you
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Jenny saville
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